Sydney Language Centre

Specialty translations

We employ translators and interpreters that are professionals in their field and accredited to the highest standard in the world. We can guarantee this as the Australian industry is well regulated. All interpreters and translators must be accredited by the national Australian organization referred to as NAATI (The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).
NAATI  has established levels of accreditation (Beginners, Professionals and Advanced).

At Sydney Language Centre, we only deal with professional and advanced translators and interpreters. Many, if not most of our translators and interpreters are advanced and perhaps leaders in their field.

For example our Arabic translator is the only translator in Australia accredited at the Advanced Professional Level in both directions that is English to Arabic and Arabic to English.

You may find that many agencies in Australia conduct their translations overseas. This might be a cheaper option initially but the quality may suffer.  All our translations are conducted in Australia by the most qualified translators and checkers with appropriate certification.